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Financial Literacy and Inclusion Survey

Financial education strategies benefit from empirical evidence to indicate the level of need amongst the population and within particular subgroups. The measurement of financial literacy levels is therefore widely recognized as a priority for countries seeking to deliver financial education initiatives.

In this regard, NCFE at the behest of the Technical Group of the Sub-Committee of the Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC) on Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy, carried out a nationwide baseline survey i.e. NCFE-Financial Literacy and Inclusion Survey (NCFE-FLIS) 2013-14 for assessing the state of financial literacy and financial inclusion.

The second Financial Literacy and Inclusion Survey (NCFE-FLIS) 2019 was conducted in 2018‐19 following the first one carried out in 2013‐14. Like the previous survey, it addresses issues that aim at improving long‐term financial wellbeing status of the population. The reason for conducting this nature of survey every 05 years is to take on board all the initiatives made by the Government and Financial Regulators through education and literacy programmes that are implemented by NCFE, and other stakeholders, and also assess their impact and sustainability.

The main objective of the survey is to assess the status of financial literacy and inclusion and also establish the extent at which the programmes that have been developed to improve literacy status in the country have been fully utilized. This goes a long way in also addressing the NCFE’s Vision goal of ‘financially aware and empowered India’.

National Financial Literacy and Inclusion Survey (NCFE-FLIS) 2019 Report
The NCFE-FLIS 2019 Report contains results of the literacy survey in India, conducted during the period from June 2018 to October 2019. Recommendations, background information, survey methodology and sample characteristics and main statistical tables are presented in a lucid yet comprehensive manner for compelling reading. The findings of the survey are utilized appropriately in framing the National strategy for Financial Education 2020‐25.

Executive Summery
Survey 2019

Financial Literacy and Inclusion Survey(NFLIS) 2019

Financial Literacy and Inclusion Survey(NFLIS) 2013

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