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Financial Education Training Program (FETP)

Through Financial Education Training Program (FETP), NCFE envisages to provide impartial personal financial education to individuals and organizations, thereby enhancing financial literacy across the nation. FETP is specifically designed for school teachers handling classes 6 to 10 throughout India. The program is built on two foundational pillars: education and awareness, intending to establish a sustainable financial literacy campaign that can positively impact people’s lives.

Through this program, participants undergo comprehensive training, and upon successful completion, they would be certified as ‘Money Smart Teachers’. These certified educators are then equipped to lead financial education classes in schools. Their role extends to encouraging students to acquire essential financial skills, contributing to the broader goal of fostering financial literacy and empowerment within communities. NCFE’s FETP reflects a commitment to building a financially educated society through the training of educators who, in turn, play a crucial role in shaping the financial awareness of the students in their school.

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