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The Financial Education Programe for Adults (FEPA)

The Financial Education Programme for Adults (FEPA) was launched by the NCFE in 2019. FEPA is a Financial Literacy Programme designed and implemented to spread financial awareness among the adult population such as Farmers, Women groups, Asha Workers, Anganwadi Workers, Self Help Groups, Employees of Organization, Skill Development Trainees etc., This programme is conducted in line with the targets of National Strategy for Financial Education and the focus have been given to Special Focused Districts (SFDs). More than 5,000 FEPAs are being conducted every year by NCFE.This programme expects to substantially contribute to our vision of a “Financially aware and empowered India”.

  +91- 022-68265115

Salient Features of FEPA

To create financial awareness which will generate confidence in the financially excluded sections of the society to use the financial services and products more effectively thereby bringing more people to the formal financial sector.

Target Group
Adult population such as Employees of various organisations, SHG members, Farmers and rural folks, Women groups, household people, MGNREGA cardholders, personnel from forces or any other classes of financially excluded section of the society.

Free of Cost
The workshop shall be conducted free of cost and no money will be collected from the participants. 

NCFE has a network of experienced and certified Financial Education Trainers for conducting FEPA workshops across the country.

NCFE developed a Financial Education material for FEPA which particularly targets the adult population of the society. Topics are as follows: Income, Expenses and Budgeting, Savings, Banking, Credit and Debt Management, Digital Transactions, Insurance, Investment, Retirement and Pensions, Financial inclusion schemes of the Government, Fraud protection – Caution against Ponzi Schemes and unregistered investment Advisers and Grievance Redressal.

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