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Financial Awareness and Consumer Training (FACT)

Globally, youth are becoming financial consumers earlier in their lives than ever before and making financial decisions (credit cards, education loans) that can have lasting consequences, if not well managed.

As they prepare to graduate and enter the workforce, taking on increased financial responsibilities, it is essential for youth to acquire the skills needed to set financial goals, avoid potential pitfalls, and know where to seek assistance when necessary. Additionally, understanding their rights and responsibilities as financial consumers is crucial.

To address these needs, NCFE has introduced FACT (Financial Awareness and Consumer Training), a program specifically designed to provide financial education to young graduates and postgraduates. This program covers topics relevant to this demographic, aiming to positively impact their financial well-being. By equipping the youth with the knowledge and skills necessary for informed financial decision-making, FACT contributes to building a financially savvy and responsible generation.

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