A Section 8 (Not for Profit) Company




The financial sector in India have been the fastest to grab every opportunity, in terms of reforms and development, presented by the paradigm shift in India’s economic policy. Government of India through financial sector regulators has brought in guidelines to provide direction and control to all companies to work in ethical ways, create trust among shareholders and customers, provide stability to the economy and to check financial scams and frauds.

But for all the development efforts, the financial sector is still evolving and requires adequate supervision, strict accountability and appropriate punishment because of various scams/ frauds that have taken place.



RBI Warning about phishing mail

RBI warns about Fake Website in its Name

RBI Never asks for Your Bank Account Details

RBI cautions Public Once Again against Fictitious Offers

Do Not fall Prey to Fictitious Offers of Funds Transfer RBI Advisory

Beware of Fictitious OffersLottery WinningsCheap Fund Offers RBI

Do Not Pay Money to receive Large Funds from Abroad RBI Advisory

RBI cautions Public against Fictitious Offers of Remitting Cheap Funds from Abroad

Do not respond to Mails asking for your Internet Banking Account Details RBI Cautions Public

Complain to Local PoliceCyber Crime Authorities against Fictitious Offers of Money from Abroad

SEBI cautions investors not to invest in schemes offered by entities barred by SEBI from raising money