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E-Learning Management System

NCFE has launched an e-Learning course on basic financial education covering topics from Banking, Securities Markets, Insurance and Pension products. The topics are further subdivided into 20 modules like Money & Transactions, Financial records and Contracts, Managing Income & Expenditure, Long Term Planning, Financial Safety Nets & Insurance, Scams & Frauds etc. The course is for 5 hours with each module of around 15-20 mins.

The E-learning Course is offered free of charge to all the registered users. This course will give users a solid knowledge base on disseminating financial literacy, which helps to address demand-side barriers as this makes customers informed and enables better financial decision making and ultimately financial wellbeing. The content of the course is being derived from the book Capacity Building for Financial Literacy Programmes (CABFLIP) primarily based on the Core Competencies on Financial Literacy document of OECD-INFE (International Network on Financial Education)

Sample Modules

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Register for the course

* To access the complete 20 modules, please register yourself at our e-LMS portal.

Any registered users can access the course and the registration is free of cost. The user must provide the authenticated email id and mobile number to complete the registration.

The user can register here at and can access the course either by smartphone/ PC. The course can also be accessed using mobile application by downloading the official Moodle app from iOS/ android store.

For feedback or any queries pertaining to NCFE E-LMS please write to us at “

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