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Mamta Devi Success Story

Mrs Mamta Devi, from the mountains high up in Uttarakhand is not only a busy mother and housewife but also a teacher at a local Anganwadi, a government sponsored child-care and mother-care centre. Her husband could not find any job in the remote area they live in and wanted to migrate to a more urban area to earn some income to support his family. In order to help her husband stay with the family, Mamta took a loan from a local Microfinance Institution to invest into a small electronics supply store. Her husband is managing this store that sells different kinds of electronic items, computer peripherals as well as a mobile phone account charging service. Since the income generated by this activity is constantly increasing, the family has planned to expand this business.


Courtsey: GIZ-NABARD Rural Financial Institutions Programme

Source: http://www.giz.de/en/worldwide/16012.html

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