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Padmabati-success story

Mrs Padmabati Das,from Odisha, took part in a Community Animal Health Worker training class after an unsuccessful attempt to run a small grocery store financed by a loan. In this class she was taught traditional and modern ways of animal health treatment. These days she utilizes the acquired knowledge to provide local farmers with medicines and vaccinations for their cattle. The farmers pay her for the service and the medicine. She receives the medicine and other medical consumables from a supporting NGO whom she repays after the consumption of the products and after she receives payments from the farmers. Because of her excellent work attitude, she has the chance of being promoted to a government health worker. Both her daughters attend school. Her husband works as a plumber in Gujarat and transfers around INR 2,000 every month to cover the basic needs of his wife and their daughters. He has not been home for almost two years.


Courtsey: GIZ-NABARD Rural Financial Institutions Programme

Source: http://www.giz.de/en/worldwide/16012.html

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